The International University
of Logistics and Transport
in Wroclaw
28.10.2012, 18:10

Scientific developments of NAU presented on the VIII "AVIASVIT XXI"

Scientific developments of NAU presented on the VIII

Since September 27 till October 1, 2012 in Hostomel city under Kyiv at the airport "Kyiv-Antonov" had took place the Eighth International Aerospace Salon "Aviasvit - XXI". Scientists of the National Aviation University  held a briefing at the University on the occasion of Aviation and Space Salon and took an active part in its work.

The NAU's exhibition  was presented the advanced research in the form of finished developments, stands and computer presentations. The greatest interest are caused by unmanned aerial vehicles, that are designed and manufactured in the NAU. At the University exposition as the largest among the educational institutions  were presented the theoretical and practical results according to the priorities of scientific research that had been determined in accordance with the provisions of the research university.



Also was presented a wonderful books exhibition of the NAU's scientific and technical library. The exhibition guests were offered the scientific publications of the University, that were specially prepared by the scientific and technical information department and was given the necessary information about the exhibition.

At the period of the salon holding  the flights of "large" and "small" aviation, seminars, round tables and presentations were carried out.